Sales Contract for Visual Products of Iran Press International News Agency (Direct Site)

Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting World Service

Introduction: This contract is made and entered into by and between Iran Press International News Agency, as the Diagnosis Authority of this news agency, with email address: [email protected] which is called “First Party” in this contract, and an entity (real or legal) which after the completion of registration and contract forms confirmed by □ department, is called “Second Party” in this contract.

This contract is drawn up with the following contents and conditions:

Article 1) Subject of Contract

1-1- The possibility of non-private utilization of direct site (digital service) by the first party including the following departments: produced reports, live, photo gallery, different programming formats, documentary, infographic and motiongraphy with low resolution and full HD, address: http:

Article 2) Documents and Deeds

2-1- Present contract.

2-2- Comments by diagnosis authority of Iran Press International News Agency

Article 3) Duration of Contract

3-1- From the concluding date of contract including courses of 1 day, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year (equal to 365 days and nights).

Article 4) Sum of Contract

4-1- It is possible to use direct according to the following conditions: 24-hour daily subscription: $ 100, monthly (30 days): $ 3,000, seasonal (90 days): $ 9,000, semi-annual (180 days): $ 18,000, annual (365 days): $ 30,000 (so that the first and the second months for annual subscription will be free of charge).

4-2- Any legal deductions shall be undertaken by the second party and the mentioned amount will be paid as net.

4-3- The sum of contract will be delivered to the agent/agents of the first party in Tehran or offices of Iran Press News Agency abroad.

Article 5) Obligations of the First Party

5-1- The first party has confessed to be the owner of the products mentioned in the contract and is authorized to sell the subject of contract, and in case of any claim or objection by a third party, the first party will be liable to answer and compensate the damages.

Article 6) Obligations of the Second Party

6-1- The second party of the contract has no right to utilize, subscribe, participate in national or international festivals, and assign or screen movies and news of the subject of this contract without obtaining prior agreement by Iran Press International News Agency; otherwise, the third party will be liable against the first party.

6-2- The second party will not be authorized to show and distribute the products of the first party except the following cases:

-The second party’s live TV channels

-Websites, mobile applications, non-application mobile display, clips/service, internet TV, non-linear internet services which directly belong to the second party.

6-3- The second party has acknowledged and confessed to be completely aware of the relevant rules and regulations of this contract and has approved □ the contents of the contract with full awareness.

Article 7) Legal Deductions

7-1- Payment of any kind of taxes, duties and governmental fees, according to the current regulations and the ones being laid down in future, will be undertaken by the second party.

Article 8) Right of Cancellation of the Contract

8-1- In case of receiving the sum of the contract (article 4, clause 1), the first party will provide the services subject to this contract.

8-2- The first party is authorized to cancel the contract with prior notice (minimum 30 days).

Article 9) Legal Residence

9-1- The parties’ postal addresses and email addresses will be considered as the ones inserted in the introduction of the contract (first party) and registration form (second party). If there is any postal address change, the parties are obliged to inform each other immediately.

Article 10) Dispute Settlement

10-1- In case of any dispute in interpretation, translation or the execution of the contents of this contract between the parties, they should endeavor to settle the dispute by direct contact, if there are any unsettled disputes, it will be referred to Competent Court of Justice of Iran (Tehran) to be settled.

This contract is drawn up in 10 articles and 16 clauses in 3 pages in English.